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2013 Winner of USBCHA Nursery Rookie Award
2013 USBCHA Nursery Finals 10th Place
2014 USBCHA Nursery Finals 13th Place
2014 Soldier Hollow Classic Competitor
Multiple Open Trial Winner
2016 3rd Place Vashon Classic Placement
2013 World Cynosport Games 1st place Standard, 2nd place Jumpers class
2014 Multiple regional Grand Prix, Team and Steeplechase Placements
2014 World Cynosport Games multiple class and Grand Prix placements
2015 Central Regional Grand Prix winner
2014 multiple regional Steeplechase and Team Placements
2014 Cynosport World Games Biathlon 2nd place
2015 multiple regional Steeplechase, Team and Biathlon placements
2015 Cynosport World Games Steeplechase 2nd Place
2015 Cynosport World Games multiple class placements
2016 Wild West Regional Grand Prix Winner
2011 and 2012 Cynosport World Games Grand Prix Finalist
2009-2012 multiple Regional Grand Prix wins
2009 South Central Regional Champion