the versa team

Our team members have decades of experience in all different dog sports.  Most are also educators in their professional fields.

the trainers


Kristin Sittner

 Kristin started training dogs almost 18 years ago with her first dog, a sheltie named Tika. They competed mainly in agility but dabbled in all the dog sports. Tika was Kristin's main farm dog for a number of years, until she acquired Gyp. Her border collies are now renown in both the agility and sheepdog worlds.

Kristin's strength lies on the agility field, but she also competes in herding with Tag, Spy and Solo. She has trained running contacts multiple dogs. Tika was consistently one of the top dogs of her height class until her retirement, even winning the South Central USDAA regional in 2009. Gyp placed well until her retirement at 12 years of age. Her current dogs, Tag, Spec and Solo continue to wow people with their speed, efficiency and running contacts. Kristin has qualified and competed in multiple national competitions and is one of Utah's top competitors.

Kristin has had experience working at a veterinary clinic, a training center focusing on hunting, scent detection and police dogs, and a farm where she helped develop a special variety of hair sheep. She has worked on a variety of sheep operations, helped with Utah State University's wool lab, and has also worked with many rehabilitation and rescue dogs, many of which needed behavioral modification.

She received her bachelors degree in Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences and her Masters degree in Agricultural Extension from Utah State University.  


Marietta Veeder

Teaches beginning agility


Mary Thompson

Obedience, puppy and rally classes.

the other VIPs


Kati Barker

Day Care and Day training manager


Tracy Mazur

Tracy is Versa Dog Sports' Office Manager. 

Tracy Mazur has been involved with dogs all her life.  Her parents raised and trained German Shepherds. She started in the 4H obedience program at age 8 with her Cairn Terrier, Sassy. At age 12, she got Shetland Sheepdog, Terra. Terra competed in AKC conformation and obedience. Tracy’s love of agility began in 2002. She has ran several different breeds in agility giving her a unique perspective and understanding.  She Judges agility for AKC and UKI.  

She is owned and loved by two Working Cocker Spaniels, Tavish McSpaniel and Even Faster. Tavish is currently competing and Even is training in agility and nosework.  


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